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Creating finance videos on YouTube and annoying pretty much everyone!

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Trade live with the community between 1.30pm and 3.30pm GMT daily!

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Access to Roscoe’s long-term investment portfolio, updated weekly with both buy and sell signals.

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Looking to get started? We’ll suggest the best tools to help you get set up in your investing career

I take mine on the rocks

So grab yourself a liquor, and let’s discuss this ticker!


We’re more than a trading group; we’re a community. Each of our members will benefit from making real connections, join in stock discussions, and real growth as a result of our approach.

We don’t offer daily buy and sell alerts, we’d rather you learnt how to fish than hand you a fish, and by joining LWT Trading, you will join likeminded individuals as all strive to stand on their own feet and set themselves up for a successful trading career.

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